Car won’t start before you give us a call to fix your car.

Here is a couple of things that could save you money and time.

Car won’t Start – Fuel gauge

Is your fuel gauge giving you a false reading? Maybe the reason why your car won’t start.

Car won’t start – Key Problems

Are you using a new key? Sometimes old keys microchips stop talking to the car’s computer not allowing the car to start.

Flat Battery

Is your battery flat? Check to see if you have left your light switch on or possibly a door not fully closed.

This will help us get your car up and running quicker.

Is your car cranking over but won’t run or turn on? This will eliminate your flat battery.

If your car isn’t cranking over, it is more then likely a flat battery. That possibly caused by a faulty alternator here we talk about faulty alternators.

But it could also be caused by a faulty starter motor, or a fuse and possibly a relay maybe even a broken wire.

So on to the next possible problem turning your key to the on position can you hear your fuel pump? 

More Experienced car owners can check things like a spark from the spark leads but don’t try this unqualified.

You can grab a screwdriver insert it into the end of the plug lead. Now while you have done that place the screwdriver near metal on the engine. Now you need someone to start the car while you look for a spark. Maybe you have a friend?

As a result, did you get a spark? If no I highly recommend getting in contact with us. We will send out one of our professionals to assist.

Because you tried all these, best to give us a call so we can assist getting your car back on the road.

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope I assisted you in some way!

picture of car cranking over but not starting

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