Mobile Mechanic Gold Coast First Blog

First blog post, hey guys so I am the newest mobile mechanic on the Gold Coast.

And we are trying new strategies by reaching out to mobile mechanic customers with our online blogging.

Because we think it’s a great idea to stay in touch with our customers.

But keep checking out our blogs for the latest information.


Mobile Mechanic Gold Coast First Blog

Also on my blog posts, I will be linking other common bloggers, and maybe someone in another state.

it might even someone who has similar information or different. 

But anyways here is a link.

Mobile Mechanic Gold Coast First Blog

The Picture Above Is The Photo Of Our Joined Work Shop On the.

Finally ill create a link below in case you guys want to contact us to get some work done on your cars. 


Back to edit this blog post. This was my first ever blog so I won’t be editing out anything it will be all left raw.


Now we are going to start talking about car-related tips and tricks.



  • Check tyre ures every week for max wear on tyres
  • Check the tread size.
  • Rotate tires and have the alignment checked every 3 months
  • Clean the brake dust off your wheels twice a week.
  • Check drive belts, best to get your mechanic too when you get a service.
  • Check oil levels every service or major trip.
  • Check engine coolant level every service or major trip.
  • Take note of your driving style so you can get better fuel economy slow driver better fuel usage.


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