Diesel Won’t Start Mobile Mechanic Brand new Toyota Hilux common rail diesel decided it didn’t want to start all of a sudden.

Well, some complex testing began on this Toyota Hilux in Upper Coomera. Couple hours later and an old kill switch from the mines was uncover and faulty of course.

Common rail Diesel engines are very popular in A lot of new cars, be sure you have a mechanic that can diagnose your common rail diesel quick and cost-effectively… Diesel Won’t Start Mobile Mechanic


Big shout out to Graig from border diesel in tweed heads for the ongoing support and superior knowledge, other big thanks to motolek in Burleigh heads Aswell. A class business.


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Here is 2 hot tips for today’s post

  1. Expel pointless load from your vehicle

    On the off chance that your vehicle is fully loaded with books, save parts, half of your closet, year-old shoddy nourishment, tigers and irregular travelers, the additional weight will negatively affect your vehicle.

    Each time you turn a corner, brake, and quicken, your vehicle is working considerably harder to do what you need.

    Your suspension and brakes will be under more weight, while the efficiency of your vehicle will be essentially diminished.

    Along these lines, clean your vehicle and expel whatever might include superfluous weight, disappointment do as such could cause unexpected issues while driving, for example, snapped brake lines or broken power directing.

  2. Drive appropriately

    Your driving propensities directly affect the strength of your vehicle and the parts, which are fundamental for driving.

    For instance, don’t rev your motor wide open to the harsher elements climate since this will make quick temperature changes inside your motor and harm segments.

    Make a decent attempt stops and hard begins in light of the fact that your brake cushions and rotors will wear out. Rather, apply the brakes easily when stopping.

    You ought to likewise abstain from riding your grasp, as this will wear out the direction, which is basic for keeping your grip working.

    At last, don’t have any significant bearing your brakes while you drive downhill. This is known as ‘hauling’ and it causes noteworthy strain and warmth to develop on your stopping mechanism.

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