So here we talk about alternator replacement.

But what are symptoms of a bad or faulty alternator you may ask?

So your car battery may be going flat while driving, your lights go dim, your car cuts out and has no power.

This could be because of a faulty alternator.

Has your car battery exploded? Because overcharging of the alternator could cause this problem.


Some brands of common alternators we use and sometimes stock.

  • Bosch.
  • Oex.
  • Jas.
  • Mitsubish.
  • Nissan.
  • Denso.
  • Delco.
  • Hitaci.

And some of these brands are available at-

Regulator- alternator replacement 

A  regulator for the alternator regulates the charging voltage that the alternator creates. So keeping it between 13.0 and 14.65 volts pending what make and a model car you have. But its focus is to protect the electrical components throughout the entire vehicle.


What does the alternator do?

The alternator keeps your battery charged at a stable level. So without the alternator, your car battery will just die or go flat because it won’t receive the charge it needs.,

Things to take note of before you replace the alternator.

Most common alternators have a two wire plug because the alternator needs to be triggered so it can charge.

One of the wires normally goes to battery circuit and charge wire.

The other wire normally hooks up to the battery light circuit on the dash.

This is because the alternator needs a trigger like discussed before.


If there any concerns or confusions while doing anything alternator related feel free to contact one of our friendly staff members.Contact number on 0432031216. We also upload weekly tips and tricks to make doing an alternator replacement more understandable.

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