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Mechanic Gold Coast run by a team of passionate mechanics.

Our Services

  • All vehicles air conditioning service and install
  • Disc Brake Rotor Machining Service and install
  • Drum Brake Machining Service and install
  • Car engine computer diagnostics service
  • Exhaust Systems & Mufflers welding and install
  • Fuel injection service repairs and install
  • All car Tune-Up service
  • All Mechanical Repairs on all makes and models

Car Servicing

  • Minor and Major Car Service
  • Standard Car Services
  • Diesel Car Service
  • Logbook Service
  • New Car Servicing
  • Petrol car service



Servicing details diesel
All Movin Mobile mechanical and roadworthys gold coast diesel Minor Service includes quality oil and an oil filter from Valvoline to ryco.

Servicing details petrol
All Movin Mobile mechanical and roadworthys gold coast Minor Service includes a full Grease service and safety check with added (oil and parts).



All service work is performed by qualified staff, using the best quality parts and completed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.


Mechanic gold coast

What is the standard car service?

At Mobile mechanical and roadworthys gold coast, we will check all of your oil levels and fluids and replace your oil filter with new engine oil. We will also do a professional 98 point safety check for safety. We provide you with a full inspection report.

How often should I get my oil changed?

This a question that has many answers, all cars and vehicle have different manufacture recommendations if you are unsure when your next service us due it is best to get it done right now by the movin mobile team so then we can keep on top of it for you

After how many kms should I get my oil changed?

This a question that has many answers as well, as stated above all cars are different your best to call the movin mobile team so you can book in your mechanic gold coast service with us asap.

How long does a car service take?

Most cars usually take around 60 minutes, some take longer, you can always call u to check how long it will take, and don’t worry our waiting area is airconditioned


Will I be shown what will be done to my car when it is serviced?

Movin mobile team would be delighted to show you the hard work we have done on your car, we love education our customer’s little things here and there about there own car, it helps give a better understanding when discussing problems or service procedures

Why should I have my car serviced by movin mobile?

It is important to keep your car servicing up to scratch by having it done every 6 months or 10000kms or to your manufactories specs. This keeps your car running efficiently and will help prevent problems costing you a fortune in repairs. movin mobile are well known for their upper-class work and mechanical expertise and are able to offer a range of service and repairs options to suit your vehicle price budget and situations.

Do you have a warranty on your repairs

All of our work is covered by a lifetime guarantee.


Do we have to pay when we pick up?

Yes. We’ll need payment made before we can release your car.

Do you quote all of your services or will I be left with a price surprise?

Yes, at movin mobile, before we commence any work, we get in touch with you, with how serious the problems your car has from a scale of 1-10 to keep things simple as well as a detailed price list with the best options possible


Located 1/12-16 Rudman Parade Burleigh Heads 4220

Call 0432031216


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